Nov 13, 2013

Simply just....

It’s been a long time since I blogged. A lot of things happened this year. I have been assigned to many tasks including incharge of leave schedule/OT Claim, committee member of company Annual Dinner as well as being one of the Risk Co-ordinator in my department. 

Leave schedule/OT Claim- Previously it was an easy task. But now, it wasn’t anymore. Previously, I closed one eyes when doing this OT Claim. But now, new boss; new style. So, with a new boss, OT Claim have to be controlled so that the staffs are unable to claim more OT.

Committee member of company Annual Dinner- Thank God it was a great success on last Saturday! The event went out successfully and every staffs were enjoyed on that night. ‘Party Like A Pop Star’ was the theme of the night. And I, as a Publicity team member, became the paparazzi on that night, keep on searching/snapping picture for those who wear the most alike to the artist or the most creative dress out. It was fun, though!

Risk Co-ordinator- The hardest part of my job. I will have to ensure that all those application/deletion of the access are comply and no mistake made during the application/deletion of the access. Unfortunately, there were mistakes made by me. I must admit that I was careless on it. The auditors are coming soon. I’m very scare that they find any audit point on it. Praying hard that they couldn’t  find any audit issue on it.

And this afternoon, suddenly my supervisor asked me to go meeting with her. It was all of sudden and I got shock because my supervisor told me that we are going to have meeting with my SG big big boss.
I was like: Huh? Why should I go along? It was a high level ranking meeting, I shouldn’t be there, right? Is it because of the access thing that I made mistakes?

I was shaking on the way to the meeting and still thinking why I am called to attend this meeting. While in the meeting room, I was still shaking for the whole meeting session. Why should I had this feeling? Well, this SG big big boss was a ‘YES MAN’. We can’t go against him. Everyone of us have to follow his direction and none of us can say ‘NO’.  Every twice a week meeting already made my boss, my supervisor and my Team Lead can’t eat well, and can’t sleep well. In two weeks time, you must show him the result that he wanted.  

I felt relieved when the meeting was over and I thought I will never meet him again. Just now, my Team Lead text me and said to me that I am going to join the meeting with them SOON! Again, I was like: OMG!!What??!!Why??Why ME?!! I don’t want!!!

With just two years job experience, I cannot imagine that I will be sitting in the management level meeting with HOD, VP, AVP &MGR. And I was just an AM with the least experience in work among all. 
Urgh, I feel so stress about it. Can’t you just let me sit at my own place and do things quietly?

All the best to myself….

Nov 18, 2012

옥탑방 왕세자

한참 지나서

마주보며 나누던 얘기들 우리둘만 알았던 얘기들
지울수없나봐 버릴순없나봐 잊지못하나봐
오랜만에 둘러본 거리들
이길을 지날때면 좋아했던 기억이
자꾸 떠올라서 발길을 멈춘다
한참 지나서 지금여기 왔어
그때가 그리워서 모른체 살아도 생각나더라
그런 너라서 자꾸눈에 밟혀서
함께 보낸 시간들 추억들도 별처럼 쏟아지는데 어떠니
행복해만 보이는 사람들
나만 혼자 외로이 남은 것만같아서
아닌 척해봐도 니생각이난다
한참지나서 지금여기 왔어
그때가 그리워서 모른체 살아도 생각나더라
그런 너라서 자꾸눈에 밟혀서
함께 보낸 시간들 추억들도 별처럼 쏟아지는데 눈물이나
여기서널 기다리면 볼수있을까
그땐말해줄수있을까 이런내 마음을
보고싶어서 더보고싶어져서
그런 나라서 너밖에 몰라서
너없이살다보니 모든게 후회로 가득하더라
니가없어서 허전한게 많아서
오늘도 발걸음은 이자리가 그리워 가지못하고 불러본다

Just finished watching . Quite sad ending but I can consider it as a good ending though.

The drama is full of joy, sad, sacrifice and much more things. A very good storyline where it’s about a story of past and future. Also, with the OST songs, which made the drama more perfect. Love the song <After a Long Time (한참 지나서)>, it matched the drama very well.

Hmmp, all of sudden, don’t know what to do after finished watch this drama. Should I continue to watch Missing You? Or should I continue to learn Korean language? Hmmp, I think I should rest a while to keep my mind thinking of this drama. Haha.